Detailed Experience

The most important factor in software work is not the tools and techniques used by the programmers, but rather the quality of the programmers themselves.

M a r k  V

Mark started his IT career in 1993 and has financial, manufacturing, hospitality, and telecom IT experience.

He has worked for a successful startup for 3 years providing credit card processing services to a financial institution specializing in issuing credit cards. He is very familiar with behind the scenes work – from the customer data acquisition through different channels (credit bureaus, banks, magazines, etc.) and up to the approval/decline stage. He has worked on the software “brain” – processing customers willing to get credit cards, which had the power to get full credit report from Equifax, Experian & TransUnion and executing multiple decisions to determine if an offer can be made, terms of the offer, cross-sell related products, etc…

Mark has continued his career at Georgia Pacific Lumber Division and has put his energy into further improving and automating the IT processes for the lumber production mills, reporting, sales, distribution, and transportation. The application he has worked on has now become the key platform in most of GP’s operations and is being rolled out to additional one/two divisions per year, Gypsum division being the latest.

Mark has also consulted with InTown Suites, comprised of 126 hotel chains. He has helped this company to put controls into the financial side of the business by rolling out over a 30 accounting reports during a short period of time.

Mark has most recently worked for an industry leading Telecom Company in prepaid long distance and the wireless phone card business. He has helped the company to maintain and improve the 24/7 system processing of about 250,000 transactions per day, and prepare for handling double their current volume and plan for handling even more.

Mark has a BS in Computer Science from Georgia State University.